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Current wait time for a Belle Vista Schnauzer is 12+ months.

2021 price $1600 + 7.25% sales tax =


(anyone on the waiting list before 10/1/2020 will get 2020 pricing of $1608.

1/31/2021 update - Unfortunately, expenses continue to rise so prices need to increase to cover costs. I do not want to make a huge jump on people and as stated above, anyone on the list before 10/1/2020 has a locked in price. Going forward, while getting onto the waiting list will help insure you get a puppy in a reasonable timeframe, it will no longer lock in the price. So if you got onto the list after 10/1/2020 but I do not have a puppy to offer until 2022, you will pay the 2022 price. There will be an annual increase of no more than 10% (+ sales tax) January 1st of every year for the next few years. If that is not acceptable to your situation, send me an email and I will return your deposit.

There are many ways to handle the deposit process for puppies. No way is perfect, but I have developed my method with careful thought and consideration. 


To be placed on the "WAITING LIST" requires you fill out the questionnaire HERE and once approved a $100.00 COMMITMENT FEE must be submitted. This fee is NOT refundable if Buyer decides to purchase a puppy elsewhere. The fee signifies good intent on the behalf of the Buyer to follow through with the purchase transaction of a puppy. There is no expiration date and Buyer may pass on offered puppies and maintain their place on the list. The commitment fee will be applied towards the total purchase price of your puppy.


Families are placed on the waiting list in the order of the date commitment forms and fees are received and the list kept as public knowledge on this page. Before placing a commitment fee, you should be certain that you are willing to wait for your special puppy. I reserve the right to hold back any puppies of any litter at any time. On the occasion I may decide a puppy or puppies are a candidate for competition and/or breeding that puppy or puppies may be removed from the selection list. Repeat clients get some preferential treatment in litter choice/timing as a reward for their loyalty.

Belle Vista reserves the right to remove someone from the waiting list due to lack of contact (not responding to calls/emails/texts regarding an available puppy). I will attempt to contact you via email, text and/or a phone message. If I have contacted you to offer a spot in a litter and received no response on three different occasions with no response you will be removed from the list entirely. If removed from the list due to lack of contact, the $100 commitment fee will be forfeit to compensate me for effort involved in trying to contact you.

If you give a timeline of when you will be ready to bring a puppy home, I will make note of that and you will not be offered an available puppy before that time. So if your timeline changes, let me know or risk being passed over.


The commitment fee is NOT refundable if you decide you no longer want a Belle Vista Schnauzer. If at any time I feel you are not a good fit for one of my puppies, I will refund your fee and remove you from the list. You may view the form here but you must first submit an application and be approved before I will accept a Commitment form and fee from you. Once the application has been approved, I will send you a fillable PDF of this form.


Understand that I am not a large scale, commercial breeder. I cannot guarantee specific availability of upcoming litters or available puppies. I typically produce six to eight litters per year with the hopes of being able to place 30-35 puppies per year. Families have waited 18 months or longer for one of my puppies so if you need a puppy now, the Waiting list is not for you. I will not keep your contact information if you are not willing to send the fee and form. I'm not going to commit to someone that is not willing to commit to me.


I will assign the order of choosing in a particular litter. At this time, the family must choose from the male list or the female list if they have not previously given a preference. If you checkmark preferences on color and/or gender on your commitment form, you will only be offered puppies that match that preference. If puppies are available that do not match your preferences, I will skip to the next person on the list whose preferences match the puppy. If someone is on the Waiting List as "No Preference" and I have a shortage of a desirable gender/color, they will automatically be offered what I have the most of so I can take care of as many people as possible.

Those who are on the Waiting List will be given access to the "Approved Families Only" section of the website where they can keep track of upcoming and available puppies. Planned breedings, due dates, puppy pictures and videos will all be posted there for viewing.


I routinely start at the top of  the Waiting List and go by the date that the Commitment forms & fees were received. Repeat clients get some preferential treatment in litter choice/timing as a reward for their loyalty. Once notified, Waiting List families have approximately 12 hours to respond with verbal/written acceptance. I will send a detailed email and follow up with a quick text to notify you to look for the email. When a family refuses a selection or does not respond within 12 hours, the next family on the list will be offered the opportunity to take that spot. This will continue until all spots for the litter are taken. Just because you are offered a spot in a litter and pass does not mean you will be offered a spot in the next available litter if there were a lot of people ahead of you that also passed on a spot. Since I go back to the top of the list, I may not get back down to you right away again.


It is your responsibility to keep me updated with changes in your contact information, timeline, and puppy preferences. If you tell me you want a black and silver male, I will not offer you a puppy until I have a black and silver male available. If you decide you would take a salt and pepper you need to let me know asap. Once you pass on a litter, you will have to wait for the next litter unless puppies are still available after I’ve gone through everyone else on the Waiting list. If any puppies are not placed with families on the Waiting list, those puppies will be offered publicly on the "Puppies" page and they will also be posted on the Facebook page.


Once the puppies have received their 2nd series of puppy shots and the "all clear" from the Veterinarian at 9 weeks of age, I begin letting my puppies leave for their new homes.  Families will be scheduled in the order that they are choosing so that they will only see puppies that are available for them to choose from.  I sometimes schedule two families at the same time with one family choosing from the males and one family choosing from the females.  


If you are not satisfied with the choices of the puppies in the litter or something comes up that the timing is bad, you may choose to go back onto the Waiting List.  Accepting a spot in a litter and then not taking a puppy does NOT automatically put you at the top of the list for first choice from the next litter. You will go back onto the Waiting List by the order of your Commitment fee delivery date.  


The balance due at pickup MUST BE PAID IN CASH or through the Good Dog website. Checks, Pay Pal, and Zelle will not be accepted and coming unprepared could cause you to be bumped to another litter. I can accept payment through Gooddog.com for final payment on pickup day via debit/credit. However they assess the following fees to the buyer for the service. 











I typically do not allow puppies to be chosen only from pictures. You simply cannot make a "forever-decision" based on a photograph. Weekly updated photos and videos will give you an idea of the puppies’ looks and temperament, so most people will have it narrowed down to their two favorites. I understand that some people just won’t be happy if they don’t have a certain color and gender combination and I try to work with those people but sometimes that means waiting for the next litter. If you arrive for pick up day and decide you do not like any of your choices, you may go back into your spot on the list and wait for the next available litter.


As the breeder of these puppies I reserve the right to void any contract prior to completion of the sale without explanation. If I void a contract, full refund of all money paid will be returned within 30 days. I also reserve the right to make someone wait for a different puppy if I feel it is a bad match for the family. 

I prefer to be contacted via email with any questions you may have. I am happy to talk with you over the phone, especially when we first begin our relationship so that we can get a good feel for each other. After that, I prefer email because it lets me answer questions at midnight or 5 a.m. if that is when I have time. What can take me 5 minutes to answer in an email routinely turns into an hour long phone conversation when I'm trying to get other stuff done and I am not good at multi-tasking. If it is not vitally important to have the answer asap, please send an email and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Waiting List
The list below shows those who've already committed to a Belle Vista Schnauzer and placed the Commitment Fee to reserve a spot from a future litter. "Planning Ahead" indicates that they will not be offered a puppy until they contact me and let me know they are ready at which time they will be changed to "asap" and moved into the spot indicated by their commitment date. Names with * behind them indicate previous customers. Hover your mouse over the list and you can scroll up and down to view the whole thing.

Listed in order of Deposit Date except those "Planning Ahead" are listed at the end regardless of Deposit Date.