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Retired Boys

All retired boys have been placed in pet homes and are not available.  I keep these here so that people can see ancestors of their puppies. Some people have a bad view of breeders in general, and breeders who place their breeding dogs after they are done producing puppies are just the devil incarnate.  These people feel like breeders "use them and throw them away when they can't make you money anymore".  Let me say that it is never easy for us to place our retired dogs.  They have been in our home and loved on for several years by the time they retire and we grow attached to every single one.  That is the main reason I feel that placing them is so important when they are done.  If I kept every single dog that has been kept for my breeding program, I could easily have 50+ dogs and just how well cared for and how much attention can be given to that many dogs without a full time staff? And how would my breeding program progress if I kept the same 3 or 4 dogs in it for their entire lives?  Each breeding is done with the hope of producing something better than the parents in every respect.  They get to be a single dog or only have to compete for attention with maybe one or two other dogs instead of a dozen dogs.  They get more attention than we can give.  It's a "retirement" after all and should be the best years of their life where they get completely spoiled.  They've earned it!

Glojan Belle Vista King of Titans

Born July 2, 2013
Color: Black

Sire: CH. Char N Co Glojan Fast N Furious

Dam: Glojan Rock-A-Hula Rose




Cosmo is a handsome fellow with a super personality who focuses all of his attention on people.  He flew through obedience school at 8 months of age and earned his Canine Good Citizen title with flying colors.  I was encouraged by the obedience instructors to take him on to obedience and agility titles and although I would love to do that, I just never seem to have the time.  He has the best darn sit-stay I've ever seen!  He is loving and cuddly without a dominant bone in his body when it comes to people, although he can be dominant with other dogs.  He stands around 13.5" and is 16 pounds at his optimal weight. 

Belle Vista Schnauzers

Belle Vista Schnauzers

Belle Vista Schnauzers

Belle Vista Tanuki

Born August 13, 2015
Color: Black

Sire: Glojan Belle Vista King Of Titans

Dam: Belle Vista Pip's Lucky Roll



Tanuki is a super sweet and loving boy.  13" tall and 14.5 pounds.  He always thinks he needs to be on a lap!


Belle Vista Schnauzers

Belle Vista Schnauzers

Belle Vista Schnauzers

Belle Vista School's Out For Summer


Born November 11, 2017
Color: Salt & Pepper

Sire: Ch. Wards Creek's Head Of The Class

Dam: Augustas Be Good Vibrations at Belle Vista

Cooper has been retired


2018-08-29 11.41.48.jpg
2018-08-29 11.42.14.jpg

Belle Vista Son Of A Gun


Born December 5, 2019
Color: Salt & Pepper

Sire: CH. Blythewood Gun For Hire

Dam: Augustas Born This Way



Belle Vista Straight A's In Love


Born April 14, 2019
Color: Black

Sire: Belle Vista School's Out For Summer

Dam: Belle Vista Your Princess Is In Another Castle


Cash stops people in their tracks with his handsome good looks. Everyone comments on him and I'm not sure if it's his demanding stature or that he's been the only solid black dog in the pack for the last couple years. Whatever the reason, he stands out in the crowd. He did go a over size for the breed standard being 15" tall and roughly 21 pounds. However, he brings a nice conglomeration of pedigrees I've been working, along with a beautiful head, that nice black color, sound conformation, and an outstanding temperament. He's not an overly aggressive dog being relatively calm for an active stud and is very mild with people. His mother and her father were both quite small at 12 3/4" and 13" so has produced smaller puppies. Embark tested PMDS carrier, and MAC clear.

Wlanimu's Hammerblow


Born October 26, 2017
Color: Black & Silver

Sire: CH Statu Quo De Akra-leuka

Dam: CH Wlanimu's Atomic Bomb