“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after low pricing is forgotten.” – Anonymous

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Read through the entire website before contacting with questions.  I think you will find that most of your questions will be answered here.  I am happy to answer questions that have not been covered on the website.

Belle Vista is not a commercial or "high volume" breeder. "High Volume" in Ohio means someone that sells 40 or more puppies/dogs a year AND owns 6 or more breeding females. All dogs are in our home and puppies are raised with a whole lot of love and attention.

Typical wait time for a Belle Vista puppy is 3 to 12 months.  Check out the Waiting List page to see our process. As of October 2020, anyone getting onto the waiting list at this time is not expected to be offered a puppy until Fall/Winter 2021. However, sometimes people on the list pass on an offered spot and I get to people sooner than expected. If you have to have a puppy right now and cannot wait than I am not the breeder for you. If I get through the waiting list and still have a puppy available, it will be posted on this page and on the Facebook page so you may want to like us on Facebook if you are not wanting to commit to the waiting list.

You can also check the referral page of The American Miniature Schnauzer Club at amsc.us

2020 Price: $1500 + 7.25% sales tax =


2021 price will be $1600 + 7.25% sales tax = $1716 (anyone on the waiting list before 10/1/2020 will get 2020 pricing.

Excerpt from the FAQ page

Do you ship puppies?

I understand how difficult it can be to find a quality Miniature Schnauzer close to home. However, I have made the conscious decision to not ship my puppies.  Legally in any instance where a breeder is active in "retail sales (including adoption) of dogs where the buyer, seller, and dog are not physically together in the same place so the buyer can observe the animal prior to purchase or taking custody" requires a USDA license which I do not have. While I would really like people to meet the parents and see the dogs and puppies in person and know that they are happy with where their pup is coming from, I am able to meet you at Columbus International Airport at which time you can determine that the pup is in acceptable condition before completing the purchase. Depending on your location and my schedule, delivery could be a possibility at an additional charge of $2 per "loaded" mile according to Google directions. If the meeting place requires a hotel stay an additional $75 is required. All delivery charges are non-refundable and must be paid before I make the trip.

How do I reserve a puppy?

View the "Waiting List" page for full details.

Deposits are taken for "order of choice".  When making your deposit you must choose the "male" list or the "female" list.  Color cannot be guaranteed but I will try to work with you.  

 We start letting our puppies go to new homes between 9 and 10 weeks of age.  Below is

everything that comes with your puppy.​

  1. Tails docked and dew claws removed at 3 days of age. 

  2. Micro-chipped for identification and recovery in the event of loss. This micro-chip is automatically registered to Belle Vista listed as the breeder contact.  Due to this, it is very important to make sure we always have up to date contact information for you and to let us know ASAP if your Schnauzer is ever lost.  You may also register the chip to you for free at https://www.foundanimals.org/ Many people set me as their emergency contact which I really appreciate. It gives me piece of mind to know I can be part of the process to get your dog back to you if necessary.

  3. De-wormed with Nemex at week 2, Safeguard at week 4, and a 3 day course of Safeguard at 6 & 8 weeks of age and a dose of Toltrazuril at week 7 & 9. 

  4. Vet checked at 6 weeks and 9 weeks. This includes a physical and a litter fecal exam to check for parasites.

  5. Have had their first and second set of puppy shots given by our veterinarian at 6 and 9 weeks. They will still need their third and fourth set of vaccinations, Bordetella vaccine if you so desire, and a Rabies vaccination by your own veterinarian. 

  6. Eye exam by a board certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist.  The breed can be prone to eye disorders. If you are researching breeders and a Veterinary Ophthalmologist exam doesn't come with the puppy, go elsewhere. It's an easy and typically inexpensive (under $200) exam and the baseline for every eye disorder that can occur later in life.

  7. A 20 day happiness guarantee in the event that a puppy just isn't working into your family. (See our complete warranty by clicking on the big purple box at the top of this page that says "Health Warranty")

  8. A health warranty.  Please keep in mind that a health warranty is not a promise that an inherited health problem will never occur.  It is a promise that spells out what I will do for you and what your options are in the event that there is a problem.  I try my best to breed healthy Schnauzers but it is estimated that dogs carry the genes to produce just as many genetic issues as people.  Just like with people, sometimes two perfectly healthy adults bred together can produce a baby that is not.  I will do my best to work with you if there are any heritable issues that do not come to light until the puppy is older.  To see a copy of the health warranty, click on the big purple button at the top of this page.

  9. A 3 pound bag of the food they have been eating to get you started during the transition. They are eating Muenster Milling Perfect Balance Chicken  If you would like to order and are a new customer to Muenster, use coupon code robison35 to get 35% off your first order.

  10. Toys that they have been playing with that smell like their mom/siblings will be sent with them to help ease the transition to a new home.

  11. American Kennel Club registration. Registration is pre-paid by Belle Vista. You will receive the information for completing the transfer once you take your puppy home. Registering with AKC comes with 30 days of complimentary pet health insurance with $1500 of coverage for accidents and illness, access to educational materials, and more.

  12. Support from me with any questions/concerns that arise throughout the lifetime of your new friend.

  13. Puppies go home with a full coat unless otherwise requested.  Head, potty eara and foot pads will have been shaved for cleanliness. A full "Schnauzer" clip can be done on request.  

  14. Three free grooming sessions. There is no discount if you choose to forego this service.

  15. A copy of their 3 generation pedigree (family tree) so that you know what bloodlines your puppy comes from.

  16. Any puppy that earns the AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate before the age of 2 years, will earn a $100 rebate. You must submit a copy of their certificate to me at bellevistadogs@gmail.com to get the rebate.


All pet puppies are placed with limited AKC registration.  This description of Limited Registration comes directly from the AKC website:

"Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but litters produced by that dog are ineligible for registration.  In addition, a limited dog cannot compete in conformation shows. It is eligible, however, to be entered in any other licensed or member event, including Obedience, Tracking, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Herding, Lure Coursing, Agility, Rally, Barn Hunt, and Earthdog.  Limited Registration means they are  NOT for breeding purposes.  Buyer guarantees that the dog will never produce any puppies, whether intentional or accidental. Show/Breeding quality puppies are only available to select individuals on a co-own agreement.


New research on EARLY spay/neuter is indicating that it is best to wait until 12 months or older to alter your pet.  While early spay/neuter is convenient for the owner, it removes vital hormones in a juvenile dog that can be detrimental to growth plates and other systems needed while growing.  Spaying/neutering before the age of 6 months will void my health warranty unless Ovary Sparing/Tubal Ligation/Vasectomy procedures are used.  The following are just a few educational links on the topic.







Not everyone wants to deal with a female in heat and it is thought that early neuter on a male dog will inhibit them from learning to lift their leg and urinate on things but I have seen mixed results.  For those with a female, know that they typically come into their first heat cycle (the time that they are able to get pregnant) around the age of 6 months (occasionally earlier and sometimes up to 12 months for their first).  Unlike women, dogs usually only cycle twice a year at approximately 6 month intervals.  A heat cycle lasts about 21 days and a female needs to be confined, walked on a leash and always monitored when outside throughout that time.  Of course, this shouldn't be any different than any other time but owners will really want to make sure she does not get with a male dog that has not been neutered.  A fenced yard is not always a strong enough deterrent for a determined male dog.  They can and will dig under, jump over, climb, etc. to get to a female that is at the peak of her heat cycle and sometimes a female can be just as determined.  They do bleed some during the cycle but most dogs are pretty meticulous about keeping themselves clean.  However, if you allow her on the furniture, your bed, etc. it is a good idea to cover it to help keep things clean or put her in some "doggy diapers".  Doggy diapers are NOT enough of a deterrent to prevent a male from breeding your female.  Do not rely on them for prevention!  Some dogs have even been known to have a successful mating through a wire crate or fence!  In a female dog with an inverted or hooded vulva, I have personally seen that the swelling that occurs during a heat cycle can help to partially or completely correct it.  


If at any time after the initial happiness guarantee you can no longer properly care for your Schnauzer for any reason, you are required to re-home the dog through me or return the dog to me for placement. My goal is that none of my dogs ever end up in a shelter or rescue situation.


I greatly encourage people to teach their dog basic obedience.  I offer a rebate incentive of $100 for any puppy that completes their AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate by the time they are 2 years old. You must provide me with a copy of the certificate.


I believe that at some point each dog here deserves the chance to no longer be part of a "crowd" and live out their remaining years as a wonderful pet. It's sad to have to tell that retired show dog, who loved being in the ring, that they have to stay home and to see their face as we pack up and take others out the door and leave them behind. Or see that girl that has always been the most wonderful mother, pine after a new litter that isn't hers. If I didn't place "retired" dogs, at some point I would be a hoarder and not be able to continue to breed.
That in no way means it's easy! In fact, it's usually much harder than saying goodbye to a puppy. When a litter is born, I know that I am not keeping most of them or possibly any of them. However, the adults have most likely been born here and have been part of our lives for several years.  There is always a touch of sadness as they drive away, which is eventually followed by happiness when I hear how much they are loved and enjoyed by their new family.

My retired dogs are typically priced the same as a puppy depending on age and training. They are always up to date on vaccinations, already spayed/neutered, and with a fresh dental if needed.  Crate trained, leash trained and doggy door trained.

Doggy door trained is NOT the same as house broke.  Dog door trained dogs will need to be trained just like a new puppy in order to house break them.  Some older dogs never fully house break without a doggy door and will need to be crated when left home alone, while others house break in a matter of a couple days/weeks. On many occasions someone I already know has dibs on my retired dogs. If that isn't the case, than I offer my retired dogs to those on the Waiting List, then to previous puppy buyers before anyone else has a chance at them. If there are still no takers (rare) than sometimes I will offer them publicly but more often than not, I will wait until someone contacts me that just "feels right" for that dog.

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