“If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” – Chinese Proverb

All breeding dogs must pass an auscultation test with a board certified Veterinary Cardiologist as well as annual eye exams with a board certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist before being used in our breeding program.

Dogs on this page are not for sale.

The girls at Belle Vista are not bred for their first litter until their 3rd heat cycle. This typically puts them around 1.5-2 years of age at the time they have their first litter. They typically produce 4 litters and are retired, living a spoiled life on someone's couch by the time they are 5 years old.

Devil Wears Prada Kornutinna


Born November 25, 2017
Color: Black & Silver

Sire: Ukrainian Champion Ferro Jente V.D'N Oppasser 

Dam: Ukrainian Champion Anna Sui Kornutinna


Don't let that serious expression fool you.  Prada is a super bouncy and lovable girl.  Nothing phases her and she's never met a stranger. 14.25" tall and about 19 pounds.


Belle Vista All American Girl


Born April 15, 2018
Color: Salt & Pepper

Sire: CH. Blythewood Gun For Hire

Dam: Belle Vista Sorority Girl


Daisy is a sweety. She is 13 inches tall and about 14 pounds but seems smaller in person. A little bit of a busy body, she'd rather explore and chase the cats than snuggle on the couch but can calm down for some snuggles when the time is right.


Belle Vista She Tickles My Nose


Born Novermber 19, 2018
Color: Salt & Pepper

Sire: Wlanimu's Hammberblow

Dam: Belle Vista Shot In The Dark


A bit more bouncy like her dad and a busy body. She only chills out for snuggles and as soon as you stop petting her she's off again. Short and stout, she's 12 1/4" tall and about 14-15 pounds. 


Belle Vista Jewel Of The Nile


Born December 5, 2019
Color: Salt & Pepper

Sire: Blythewood Gun For Hire

Dam: Augustas Born This Way


Super sweet little girl that loves hanging on the couch with a good movie or book. She's talkative when trying to get your attention and bounces around at your feet to get noticed. She's 13" tall but a petite little thing around 13 pounds. Good things come in small packages!


Belle Vista Music To My Ears


Born January 20, 2020
Color: Black & Silver

Sire: Wlanimu's Hammerblow

Dam: Petty's Pretty Paisley Of Griffin's Pride


A bit bouncy like dad but she calms to get attention. She acts submissive with people but doesn't take any crap from her pack mates.


Belle Vista Quantum Leap


Born February 29, 2020

Color: Salt & Pepper

Sire: CH. Blythewood Gun For Hire

Dam: Augustas Be Good Vibrations at Belle Vista


She is my jumper and has been known to springboard off of an available lap onto the kitchen table so we have to keep a close eye on her. She's snuggling one day and being nosey the next. 


Belle Vista Ring Of Fire


Born September 9, 2020

Color: Black

Sire: Belle Vista Straight A's In Love

Dam: Belle Vista Bittersweet


Laid back for a puppy she's going to be on the calmer side like momma Ellie. Unlike Ellie who just ignores the other dogs, Cinder does not appreciate dumb energy in her space. Already as a puppy she gets a bit grumpy with the pack and tries to get the dogs around her to calm down and not act stupid (Good luck with that Cinder!). She's a BEEFCAAAKE! 13" tall at a super stocky 16 pounds. 


Belle Vista Hey Soul Sister


Born September 8, 2020

Color: Salt & Pepper

Sire: Wlanimu's Hammerblow

Dam: Augustas Sinners Have Souls


The BOUNCE! She not necessarily super high energy but everywhere she goes, she bounces. Her style ranges from Pepe Le Pew to a kangaroo, maybe a Tigger too! I've literally seen her hop on just her hind legs as she makes her way. She's hilarious! 13 1/8" tall and about 14 pounds.