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“If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” – Chinese Proverb

All breeding dogs must pass an auscultation test with a board certified Veterinary Cardiologist as well as annual eye exams with a board certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist before being used in our breeding program.

Dogs on this page are not for sale.

The girls at Belle Vista are typically around 1.5-2 years of age at the time they have their first litter. They typically produce 4 litters and are retired, living a spoiled life on someone's couch by the time they are 5 years old.

Belle Vista Ring Of Fire


Born September 9, 2020

Color: Black

Sire: Belle Vista Straight A's In Love

Dam: Belle Vista Bittersweet


Laid back as a puppy she's on the calmer side like momma Ellie. Unlike Ellie who just ignores the other dogs, Cinder does not appreciate dumb energy in her space. She gets a bit grumpy with the pack and tries to get the dogs around her to calm down and not act stupid (Good luck with that Cinder!). She's a beefy girl. 13.25" tall at a super stocky 16 pounds and there is nothing fat about her. 


Belle Vista Hey Soul Sister


Born September 8, 2020

Color: Salt & Pepper

Sire: Wlanimu's Hammerblow

Dam: Augustas Sinners Have Souls


The BOUNCE! She's not necessarily super high energy, but everywhere she goes, she bounces. Her style ranges from Pepe Le Pew to a kangaroo, maybe a Tigger too! I've literally seen her hop on just her hind legs as she makes her way. She's hilarious! She has a beautiful coat that I can keep in a "lazy roll", pulling the long stuff about once a month. I want this coat on all my dogs! 13.5" tall and about 16 pounds.