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Adult dogs are NOT free, cheap, or "first come, first served".

Adult dogs are:
Dental cleaning with any needed extractions
Up to date o
n core vaccines
30 day happiness guarantee
1 year health warranty
Crate trained
Doggy door trained
Walk on a leash
Easy to groom
Will need some work for house training
Require a meet and greet from all interested families

Typically priced between $800-$1200 depending on the dog.

I determine the family that I think is the best fit for each retiree. They have all earned a bliss-filled retirement and I want to do my best to make the right match. While I prefer homes within Ohio in the event it's not the right match and they need to be returned, it is not a must as long as you are willing to do the meet and greet and understand you may have to make a second trip to come back if you are chosen. While my adult dogs are used to Irene, I typically will not place my older dogs with families that have multiple younger children under 10 years of age (visiting kids are fine but not full-time). If it is a single child I may make an exception but will need to see how they interact with dogs. Retired dogs are always offered to the Waitlist and previous Belle Vista owners before being offered to the public.

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