Lucy was born here at BVS and will be 6 years old on October 5th. Her parents are Lizzy and Magnum. Unfortunately, her people that have had her since she was 9 weeks old found themselves in some hardship and needed to place Lucy in a new home. Per their contract, they had to check in with me first. They didn’t have any friends/family that were interested in providing Lucy with a new forever home. With Lucy’s best interests in mind, they made the difficult decision to return her.


Lucy’s overall health is very good. However, she had/has poor teeth and has had all but 11 of them removed. She still has her 4 canines, 2 bottom premolars, and 2 top incisors in the front as well as 3 molars in the back. It doesn’t hinder her ability to eat hard kibble but I prefer to soak her kibble in a little water to soften it a bit. She absolutely needs regular dental care or she will loose the rest of her teeth in short order. She is not a fan of having her teeth brushed but it is doable and required no matter how much she doesn't want it.


She also developed mild incontinence issues after she was spayed and takes one 18mg Proin pill every morning to increase bladder tone. Proin runs about $1.00 per day on the high end. I put the pill in a little sliver of cheese and she gulps it right down. Her incontinence occurs while she's sleeping. If she's awake she holds it and is 100% housebroke. However, when she's sleeping she sometimes has leaks. Although I didn’t think they were extremely necessary, I purchased some doggy diapers on Amazon to try with her and after a few days she was quite comfortable with them. She has never tried to take them off and is learning to stop at the door when she comes in to get it put back on. To give an idea of how much she leaks, I’ve been using the same diaper for about 4 days or so before switching out to a new one. Even then, it usually isn’t that dirty but I don’t want to inadvertently cause some sort of infection by putting a dirty diaper on her. If I wasn’t letting her hang out on the couch, I wouldn’t even worry about diapering her but I find a diaper an easier solution than covering the couch and washing a couch cover. I do the same with the bed in her crate. It never feels damp but if I put it up to my nose and smell it I can tell she’s had some leaks on it so it gets washed every week. Her family never allowed her to be on the furniture and she always had a bed on the floor or her crate.


She eats regular dog food with no special prescription food or anything like that. They dropped her off with what was left of her food. I’m not sure exactly what it was but they said it was Meijer brand. I can tell it has a bunch of dyes in it and not the best quality so I’ve switched her to Muenster Chicken & Pork and she's doing well.


Lucy is crate trained and knows basic commands. Her previous owner said she knows: Come, sit, stay, go (release word), go get it (when playing with toys or if she takes a toy outside and they want her to bring it back in), outside (to go potty), and drop it. I have not tested all of the commands but she definitely knows sit and outside. They said she doesn't walk well on a leash but I’ve had her leashed in the house and she has done fine. I haven’t tried her outside yet but when they dropped her off she was on a leash. She was excited and pulling them around which is much easier to work with than a dog that freezes up and won’t move. Her mom said that car rides make her a little nervous, but with breaks and cuddles she should be ok. Overall, she’s a very mild tempered and obedient little dog. Her family obviously loved her and put time into making sure she was easy to live with.


She has not barked much. She does a lot of growling when she plays and she will do little growly barks when she wants to go outside and no one is paying attention to her or if she’s wanting attention. She doesn’t love the narrow spaces in my house such as the walkways around the kitchen island and the narrow walkway behind our desks in the office. She really has not investigated the house much at all. She knows which door she goes out to potty and comes right back in and hangs out near/on the couch and her crate is in a different room and she goes in there although the first few days she was here I had to lead her in there so she knew she was allowed to go there. She behaves for grooming but is not a huge fan of having her nails done. The clipping wasn’t awful but she struggled with the Dremel. Now that she's been here a few months and I've done it regularly she's much better.


Lucy is very affectionate and playful. She has her own toys. Her owners had an 8 year old son and they report she never chewed on any of his toys even if they were on the floor with hers. Whenever she gets a new toy they say to give it to her and let her take it out of your hand. That's how she knows it's her toy. She only likes soft toys and she never destroys them. She loves squeaker toys so if you are easily annoyed by the sound, make sure you get toys with quieter squeakers.


Lucy has been very amicable with our cats and has very little interest in them. She has been very good with Irene (9 ½ year old daughter) and sits and watches TV with her. Irene has had some friends for sleepovers and Lucy has been very good with them as well. I’ve not put her out in a pack but she’s been introduced to Gunner, Prada, Josie, Cinder, Daisy, and Wags. With the quiet dogs they pretty much sniff each other and then ignore each other. Lucy is a bit growly when Wags or Josie first bounds up to her but after they are together a while she ignores them too. Her previous people had tried at one point to add a second dog and it was a larger breed puppy that had a very aggressive attitude and they say that she no longer likes bigger, excitable dogs because that puppy went after her a few times. Her previous home reported that she has been boarded a few times in the past and report she has done well. During boarding they had her in Doggy Daycare in the “quiet group” and she did well with the other dogs there. From what I've seen, if you have a very mild and laid back dog already, she'll probably get along fine but I think she would really prefer to be an only dog.


She is sensitive/allergic to the medication, Carprofen, also knowns as Novox or Rimadyl and they should not be given to her. She is up to date with all of her shots including Bordetella.


Lucy will leave here with what is left of her prescription Proin, Seresto flea/tick collar that she is wearing, regular collar and leash, all the toys she came with, two diapers, her vet records, a few months of MilbeGuard monthly heartworm, and some food.


This is not “first come, first served”. I want to do my best to find a great new home that will be her forever home. There is a $400 rehoming fee. If you are interested, email me directly at with subject title "Lucy" to tell me about your home and lifestyle and why you think Lucy would be a good fit.