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Call/Text: 740-438-4960

Ethical Responsible Dog Breeder
Verified Dog Breeder
Healthy Miniature Schnauzers

I'm Kelly Robison. I am blessed to be a professional, full-time dog breeder that has the honor to work with loving families; joining them on the journey of finding their next family companion. Thanks to my amazing husband, I can follow my passion and always know that I can put all of my resources towards my dogs without worrying about cutting corners. My journey and love of working with animals and breeding family companions started with Mini Lop rabbits at the age of 12. As rabbits do, one turned into 150 and I was well known in my area for having fine quality Mini Lops that many people litter box trained and kept in their homes. I was always asking my dad to take me to any local rabbit show and I took them to my county fair. Then came the goats and I did the same with a gleeful culmination of having the champion dairy doe my last year in 4-H. After earning an Associate Degree in Natural Resource Management and Horsemanship at Hocking College I returned home as owner and horse trainer at Rocky Hill Farm. I ran a breeding program involving Spotted Saddle Horses and Gaited Ponies. Sadly, the horse endeavor is no longer a possibility, but thankfully I was able to replace that love with an equal passion for dogs. My mission is to produce healthy, happy companions that go to responsible, forever homes. 

Newark, OH 43055

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