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Please add to your contact list.  Several people have missed out on a puppy because the email notifying them about an available puppy went to their spam folder.

Newark, OH 43055

You must fill out the application in the "Puppies" page dropdown menu in order to start the process of being added to the waiting list. However, if you don't receive a response within 48 hours, or need to send an email with additional information, you may do so at

A word from some of our puppy owners.

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We chose Kelly as our breeder in 2011 and we are so thankful for our fantastic dog Bozly! Kelly breeds beautiful dogs with lovely temperments. Friends and neighbors are quite surprised to learn that he isn't "yappy" and is generally very calm and mild-mannered. But, boy, does he squeak for us when we come home! He is the best dog! As soon as my brother is ready for a dog, I'm sending him to Kelly. Thank you so much!

January Addy



Hi Kelly,

We just love this little guy, and we wanted to thank you because clearly he arrived with us as balanced and friendly as he is because of how well you bred and raised him. You did a spectacular job and we are so glad we met you and your family. Loud noises like the blender and the huge city snowplow going by our house don’t even phase him. And I’m not even kidding when I tell you he hasn’t so much as piddled in the house. He took to his crate, bed and toys right away, and has been eating and sleeping well. We keep him in his crate overnight in our room, and he goes right in at bedtime without protesting—we don’t hear a peep out of him until about 5 the next morning! He has done well on his own too when we have to leave the house; we practiced a lot since we brought him home with the whole coming & going thing, starting with short trips to the store, and Jason’s been stopping home about mid-workday to get him outside for a few minutes. Rudy already knows “sit” and seems to understand “stay,” but is still getting the hang of it. He also likes romping around in the snow in the back yard, but his tolerance for cold is low—it has been downright frigid the past few days. He’s usually shaking and ready to go back inside after a couple minutes (but he always does what he’s supposed to do when he gets outside). My goal is to get him up and down the street for walks at least twice a day; I took him out for one successfully on Monday morning but it’s been too cold since then. Should get more tolerable soon. Jason bought him a sweater to help out a little. It’s hilarious (see picture), and he doesn’t seem to mind wearing it or us getting it on or off him. He’ll whine a little if we leave him gated into the kitchen while we do other things elsewhere in the house, but we ignore him and eventually he stops and lays down.

The only rough thing is that I hate leaving him! But I don’t make a big deal out of it or he’ll start making a big deal out of it; we just sit with him for a moment by the crate, maybe lead him in with a little treat if he’s hesitating, but otherwise we wait for him to walk into it on his own, leave the radio on and go. He doesn’t even whine.

So…if you ever want a testimonial for any reason, or if you have other prospective owners who are on the fence about the breed or about traveling a distance to meet you, send them my way–not even kidding, give them my email. You raise great dogs and we couldn’t be happier!

Holly & Jason Ledonne

Cleveland, OH

UPDATE 2/17/13

Hi Kelly!

Rudy is doing awesome. He's our new best buddy. We have settled into a nice little routine, and he has been so easy to train--great personality, more of which comes out every day. He hasn't met a toy he didn't love! He picked up how to walk on the leash right away, and I even took him for a jog last week (he pooped out after about 3/4 of a mile but I didn't even expect him to last that long so I was impressed!). His next vet appointment is actually tomorrow; I forget what they'll be doing with him, maybe another shot? Jason's taking him.   And of course, everyone just loves him. I had a little "ladies lunch" over my house yesterday for my aunts and cousins, and Rudy spent the afternoon being passed from one lap to another. I'm almost going to be sad when he's too big to pick up and hold like that! But we couldn't be happier--as our next door neighbor said, we got a real gem!



UPDATE 2/4/14

Hi Kelly!

Sure has been a while--hope you guys are all doing well! We just celebrated a full year with the wonderful dog we got from you (originally Jackson, now Rudy, born Nov 2012 to Pippin & Bender). Hard to believe how fast time flies! It's been an eventful year up here; Rudy became a 'big brother" on New Year's Eve when I gave birth to our son Dylan. He has adjusted well--mostly just curious about the baby and wanting to constantly smell him and be near him. I suspect the two will become fast friends once Dylan's out of his "eat, sleep, poop" phase. I've long meant to send you pictures of Rudy to show how he's grown; here are some you are welcome to use on your website if you like! (Forgive me for making him wear a hat; it was just too cute to pass up!) Let me know if you have any trouble viewing the pictures and I'll resend.Thank you again; Rudy is my little buddy and I'm so glad we found you to introduce him to us.

Hi Kelly, 

Felipe is really a beautiful puppy and growing like a weed.  He's not shy except when we take him in the truck and shopping to get him out.  He walks on a leash now fairly well.  He loves Thor and Thor tolerates and plays with him.  You'll see Thor sleeping, and Felipe go over and plop down touching him and  go to sleep.  The past president of Pa schnauzer assoc. just groomed him.  She said after grooming he was a wonderful dog.  I've known her for 45 yrs and she's not breeding anymore.   Felipe goes and gets that red candy cane toy you sent with him sometimes and brings it to us.  He has lots of toys, but still remembers that one.  Thanks for all your hard work breeding wonderful Schnauzers.  Joe has spent a lot of time keeping him housebroken.  He goes into our large cyclone fenced yard usually with  Thor, and comes back usually now on his own or at least when called.  I wish we had a HOUSE full of Felipes. 

Darla and Joe


Hi Kelly, 

Josef is doing great!  He slept well and only cried a little twice and I ignored him and not a whine the rest of the night!  He is very loving, playful and ornery all at the same time!  Eating and sleeping well.  Couldn't ask for more from him!  Just thought you would like a report.  Everyone at the vet was amazed at him.  Even down to his grooming.  Doc wanted to know where we got him.  Thank you so much for him!

Peggy & Bill Henson

(taken from multiple text messages)


Hi Kelly,

We are doing great - thank you for checking!  We've had a busy weekend getting acclimated to Maine.  Thus far he has been to the beach (which he loves- he ran right into the water), been sailing, gone for a short hike and been adopted by my neighbor's Golden Retriever (whom he follows around at every opportunity).  He is currently taking a nap in front of the heater.  Everything seems to be going well.  He has an appointment with his new vet this week and will start puppy school with me this week as well.  Thank you for raising such a lovely boy with such a great temperament!  We are still trying out names - I will let you know when he decides!




UPDATE 1/23/14

Hi Kelly,

Bodhi is doing great. We have his Good Canine Citizen test next week. Again, Kelly, you raised such a lovely boy! I can't thank you enough - he is a constant joy! Thank you so much!




Murphy is doing great! He has such a sweet personality and we've been having so much fun with him. He's been friendly with everyone he has met and they all just love him. He was a little shy about eating at first over the weekend, but now he's been eating most of his bowl at each feeding. He's doing a really good job about going potty outside too, only one accident so far and it's because I wasn't paying attention to him one evening. We have a townhouse so he gets carried up and down the stairs a lot until he gets big enough to do them himself. We get up once per night to go outside, but otherwise he's a good sleeper and doesn't whine in his crate. We're still working on the play biting, but I'm thinking that will take a little while. He'll be going to the vet on Thursday, so we'll see what they have to say about him. He continues to surprise me with how smart and well behaved he is!

Honestly, no questions yet. I'm sure as he continues to grow and change things might come up, but for now he's so much better than I could have imagined a puppyto be. Thanks so much for checking in! 



He's doing great!  The first night was pretty tough on him in his crate but he got better the second night.  Last night he slept all through the night for the first time.  He whimpered when he was first put him in the crate, but silent after we all went to bed.  He's eating & drinking good & hasn't had one accident in the house.  He's even learning to "shake."


Everyone that meets him loves him.  We're very happy.  


Thanks for checking in!  I'll keep you up to date on his progress.




Oh Kelly. I am so happy. I already love little Gerty and she has become instantly part of the family. She is a rascal! She is very curious, amazing with the potty training (I am giving you the credit for that one), eating great, learning to love (well, live with for now) her crate and she loves getting and giving out lots of affection and plenty of laughs. If she is the mellower of the 2 sisters then WOW to the other one! I love her energy though and am glad for it. She's like a breath of fresh air in our house. She still cries a little at night but I know that's to be expected. She had a visit to our vet last week and given two thumbs up!


I can't thank you enough for the care that you put into this whole process. Little touches like the toys from home, the pick-up day bath and the initial potty training mean a lot to me and did not go unnoticed.


Thanks again for everything.


Charlotte & Keith


Hi Kelly,


We hope you, Josh and Irene had a wonderful Christmas! We wanted to send an email with an update on how Freddie is doing. 


Andrew and I couldn't be more happy or more in love with our puppy, Freddie! Sometimes we forget he's only about 5 months old because he is so well behaved, and even our friends and family comment on how well mannered he is in the house and around people of all ages. He's the perfect little gentleman!


Thank you so much for all of the work you put into our puppy before we became his parents. He already understood that outside is the place to go potty, so he quickly house-trained and within four days of having him in our home began ringing the bell to go outside. He's been so good that he now has free reign of the house.


Freddie has such a personality. He's curious, outgoing and smart. He's recently passed his AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Certification and enjoyed the class so much that we're continuing with an obedience course. Freddie loves to meet new people and dogs. 


Right now, his favorite things include finding sticks in our yard, chewing his new rawhide and stealing socks.


We've included some photos of Fred and a cute video Andrew made of him playing in the snow. We hope you enjoy it and know how much we appreciate all of the hard work you put into preparing him for us.


Freddie Video:



Lyndsay & Andrew


PS - Please feel free to use the above email and pictures/video as a testimonial. We're so incredibly happy with Freddie and would be happy to recommend you. 



Hi Kelly and Josh, 


I just wanted to give you an update on Jinx (Ziggy Zozzfozzel), the male puppy that we got from Mindy's spring 2013 litter. It's hard to believe that it's already been two years! He has grown into an awesome little dog. Whenever we're at our training club or at the pet store, we always get comments about how calm and well mannered he is. ("I've never seen such a quiet schnauzer before" is the compliment we get the most!) I also love how adventurous he is. Jinx loves to go for walks and hikes, and he even goes on the first two or three miles of my runs with me. He is also obsessed with fetch, even more than some labs that I know! I could not ask for a more fun and energetic dog.


We started taking puppy classes when he was eleven weeks old, and have continued on to obedience, rally, and, for the last year, agility classes. In March we earned our AKC Rally Novice title at the Cleveland All Breed Training Club. This Sunday, we earned our CWAGS Starters title at a show in Chesterland, so he is now officially Robison's Hi Jinx RN CW-SR. Jinx got first place in all three classes we entered yesterday, which was very exciting!  At the beginning of June, we also entered a fun tunnels-only class that a local club held at the end of their agility trial. He did great, and we had a lot of fun. We're still working on perfecting the teeter - he is firmly convinced that it's a scary monster, despite all of my efforts to persuade him otherwise - but we will hopefully be making our official agility debut in a few months. I will keep you updated if we finish any more titles. 


I am so happy that we found you guys and were able to get this awesome dog. Hope everything is going well for your family and schnauzers! 


Thanks for everything, 



Hey Kelly-


I hope all is well. I thought I would give you a quick update on Fritz and send some photos. Feel free to use both the update and photos on your site, social media, etc. 


Fritz is doing fantastic! He sleeps through the night which is incredible and is so loving and playful. Everyone we meet comments on what a well behaved and beautiful pup he is (we of course agree). Fritz recently went to his first puppy class and we were amazed at the difference between him and other puppies (even older ones). You had already done such a great job of socialization that he was able to help bring along those dogs who were more skiddish and get in the mix with the more playful pups. He easily picks up on subtle cues with our fairly grumpy older mini schnauzer at home and adjusts his behavior accordingly. Your wonderful raising of him for the first 3 months is also reflected in his ability to bounce back quickly and adjust quickly to "stressful" situations. He has easily acclimated to the noises of the city, life with a feisty/grumpier dog, and being thrown into the mix with 3 nephews. He is an incredible addition to our family and the more time we have with him the more we are so happy we got him from Belle Vista schnauzer and luckier we feel about finding such a wonderful breeder. 





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