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“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” ~William A. Foster

Schnauzer puppies for sale, Ohio Miniature Schnauzer breeder, Champion Schnauzer, Schnauzer Stud

AKC Champion Blythewood Gun For Hire

Located in Newark, Ohio
approx. 30 miles east of Columbus.

We are not open to the public!
We do not have "business hours". We keep our dogs in our private home. Only those that have been screened may visit by appointment only.

If you want a merle, red/wheaten, parti, liver colored or toy/tea cup sized dog, that is your prerogative but don't let someone pawn it off as purebred or well bred, because it isn't!

DON'T buy into the "designer breed" hype. Doodles, schoodles, puggles, maltipoos, airedoodles and the like are nothing more than another slick marketing campaign to market mixed breed dogs as something special for premium prices. Mixed breeds or hybrids are not healthier than a purebred as some of the websites would like you to believe. In fact, the breeding stock used for most hybrid breedings are not the best examples of their breed. The last thing any responsible, preservation breeder would want is for one of their dogs to end up as breeding stock for a designer dog breeder. This is the #1 reason most people will not allow for breeding rights to someone they do not already have a good relationship with.

There are a large number of Miniature Schnauzers advertised on the internet.  So, choosing who you are going to purchase your next family member from can be daunting.  Yes, it is true, 99% of people do not want to show their dog and do not care if it is a champion.  However, most people who want a Miniature Schnauzer, want one because they are in love with the disposition and "look" that the Miniature Schnauzer is known for.  Also, they want a dog that will be around for a long time and a conformationally sound dog will last longer than one with crooked legs and bad conformation.  With the boom of Designer Dogs in the past decade, many people have gotten off course with their breeding programs because the so called "rare" colors (white/parti/liver/merle/wheaton) or "t-cup" sizes were popular for their uniqueness and those breeders were chasing the mighty dollar.

Does a breeder have to be putting dogs in the show ring to be a responsible breeder? Heck no! But even if a judge isn't giving their dogs a blue ribbon in the ring, a breeder should know what their breed is supposed to look like and should be doing their best to NOT breed dogs with disqualifications or major faults when compared to the Breed Standard. They should also be doing all they can in regards to health testing of breeding stock so they have the best possible chance of producing healthy offspring. Since the "rare" colors are not allowed into the AKC conformation show ring, breeders who show their dogs and have champion bloodlines usually have a certain integrity regarding the breed. Not every puppy is cut out to be a show dog but if the bloodlines behind those puppies have been selected for the perfection that a show dog must exhibit, than every puppy in the litter should still be of good quality, temperament and health.  

  • ​Breeding AKC Miniature Schnauzers since 2006. 
  • Located in central Ohio about 30 miles east of Columbus. 
  • Only breeding for the 3 AKC recognized colors which are Black, Salt & Pepper and Black & Silver. 
  • Health and temperament is our main concern.  While the show ring is good for helping us determine breeding stock, it is not paramount to our breeding program.
  • We typically produce 6-8 litters each year.

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Ohio Schnauzer puppies for sale,

Schnauzer breeder, Schnauzer Stud

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